Personal demons. Racial divides. Forbidden worlds. Welcome to Ocean Drive.

Picture of Ocean Drive


The Movie

Ocean Drive is a feature length, historical drama chronicling the birth of beach music and shagging in the Carolinas during the 1940s–’50s. Our story follows Chicken Hicks, a brave young man whose love of dance and music inspire him to cross racial divides, but is met with opposition from a puritanical Southern society led by the father of our hero’s one true love.


Ocean Drive

While starting around Carolina Beach, NC during the late 1940s, Shagging made its way south to a section of North Myrtle Beach, SC called Ocean Drive. Legendary dance clubs like Sonny’s Pavillion, Fat Jacks, Ducks, Fat Harolds, and The Pad gave shagging and beach music a home.


Beach Music

During the late 1940s R&B music filtered its way into the Carolinas. Since this "race music" was only found in juke boxes near the coast, white kids gave it the moniker, beach music.


Shag Dancing

Fancy footwork, spins, and gyrations are what you’ll see lighting up Carolina dance floors. Slower than the jitterbug, this style was created to allow dancers to hold a partner in one hand and a drink in the other. It is the state dance for both North and South Carolina.


Chicken Hicks

A true pioneer, Chicken’s love of dancing and R&B music shattered the color barrier during his era. He and his compatriots were responsible for filling Carolina juke boxes with what eventually became known as beach music. Chicken Hicks is widely known as the "Father of Shag."